Will I get hurt?

Well, it is a contact sport so we can’t promise. However, you’re more likely to be injured playing football than you are in a karate class. People very rarely get more than a knock, even the accident-prone ones. Excessive contact is not respected in our club.

What age do the adults start from?

The choice is very much down to the individual. However, we’ve found that most of our members who’ve joined the juniors tend to enjoy the adults class a lot more from the age of 13 upwards. We do not enforce this rule and members up to the age of 16 can train with either club. You’re even welcome to try out both to see what suits you.

What age do you accept students from?

Provided the child is willing to come along and train, we’ll teach them from 6 years of age in our Deeping Dragons class. 8/9 yrs and up join Deeping Juniors.

Do I have to pay a membership fee?

After you have tried 4 sessions for the beginner rate of £12, you will then have the option of becoming one of our members. This covers your insurance, too! The fee is £15 and includes an embroidered club badge.

Are there compulsory fees or compulsory courses?

No. We are members of the Amateur Martial Association which does not allow coercive methods in any affiliated club. There are fees (£15) for your grading test although grading is optional. You can buy your karate suit from the club or get one from Ebay if you like, as long as it’s a karate suit and white! The one thing you will need is your annual license/membership which is £15 and covers your insurance, too.

Do I have to know Japanese?

No, being able to speak Japanese is not required, but over time you will start to pick up certain phrases and as you progress you will need to learn the names of the techniques.

How many women do you have in the club?

Compared to most clubs we have a good percentage of female students of all ages including female instructors. The juniors girls ages range from 5 upwards and the seniors from 16 to….er, well they won’t say.

I’m not very fit, will I be able to cope?

Don’t worry you’ll get fit over time. Most people are unfit when they join the club.

I think I might be too old to start.

You’re never too old! The beauty of karate is that you can be doing it well into your eighties provided you look after your joints.

Will you be able to show my child how to deal with bullies?

Yes, we’ll teach them to deal with them and, if need be, defend themselves. What we won’t do is teach your child how to beat someone up. However you’ll find as your child continues to train, their self-confidence will increase. The more self-confidence you have, the more the bullies will leave you alone.

I’ve got a bad arm / leg / back etc. Will this stop me doing karate?

No. The chances are your physical condition will improve! Deeping Karate Club welcomes students in all physical conditions and disabled students also attend – and are welcome to attend – the club. Deeping Club firmly believes that karate is for all.

I’ve not done this before, will I fit in?

Yes of course, we are a very friendly club and you are more than welcome to come and see us in action before you decide to join us. Please contact us or call 01778 338387.