At Deeping Karate Club we teach the original karate kata bunkai (kata as it was used in practice) as researched and taught by Sensei Iain Abernethy 6th Dan.

Deeping Karate club’s Sensei Martin Gadd 4th Dan is one of only 7 instructors from external dojos in the U.K. who have been graded to teach this kata bunkai to black belt level by Sensei Abernethy himself. This is a great achievement and we are very proud to be taught in this way.

Kata is hard to learn from a book and best learned directly from your Sensei. All kata have variations so you should make sure you are doing it in the right way for club syllabus. The following kata patterns are a guide only. You must also understand bunkai (how the moves are actually used and effective) which is the bedrock of Kata.


Bunkai is the functional application of traditional kata. Kata is not simply ‘shapes’. It is a combination of devastating strikes, kicks, throws and grappling moves and locks. Here are video examples of kata bunkai in action with Sensei Abernethy. All students must study kata bunkai as the foundation of their karate training. The video below shows a knife hand block drill.